Alive for 300 million years = Endurance (for DP Photo Challenge).




“According to the fossil record, hagfish have existed for over 300 million years, which means they were already old when dinosaurs took over the world!

Found in relatively deep waters, these animals are sometimes called slime eels, but they are not really eels, and actually, they may not even be fish at all, according to some scientists.

They are very bizarre animals in all regards; they have a skull but lack a spine, and they have two brains.

Almost blind, they feed at night on the carcasses of large animals (fish, cetaceans etc) which fall to the sea bottom.

They owe their “slime eel” nickname to the fact that they produce a slimey substance to damage the gills of predatory fish; as a result, they have virtually no natural enemies.”

PC painting by JF

I THINK!                        PC painting by JF

I think:

1). 300 million years is REAL ENDURANCE!

2). It’s good to have two brains. It’s almost as people say in Russia: “One head is good. Two heads are even better”.

3). Lacking a spine is very good. It allows people to survive today.

4). Thick skull was always a great asset.

5). Some people also produce a slimy substance but they do have enemies.