You are born for happiness and love!

Always remember that your thoughts, your words and your attitude decide how you live. Be active, loving and optimistic! Happy Holidays!


Live has many ups and downs. Even in the depth of depression I remembered the words of a Russian short story writer, journalist, human rights activist and humanitarian Vladimir Korolenko:

“Man is born for happiness as a bird is born to fly”.

These words helped me to overcome all problems in my lives in the Soviet Union and in US. But happiness is not possible without love. You must love yourself and it gives you immense capacity to love others.

New Year is coming. I wish that your life was a happy flight full of love!

IN FLIGHT by Jean-Louis Teisseire IN FLIGHT                                    by Jean-Louis Teisseire

SWANS by Neil HOward SWANS             by Neil Howard.                      White swans are a symbol of love.


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Success and Happiness.

It’s already many years that I don’t wish anyone success. Instead I wish people happiness, to enjoy every minute of life. This post explains my reasoning.


Many years ago my son told me: “Father, I wanted very much to get an interesting and rewarding job, to find a soul mate, to buy a house, to have children and make them happy, to have good friends. Now I have it all but I feel depressed. Why?”

I answered: “You are working too hard and you have not enough time to love yourself, your family and friends. You have no time to love nature, music and art, to relax. You should drastically cut your working week and enjoy what you have. This will make you happy.”

My son said: “Father, if I follow your advice I will earn only half of what I get today.”

I suggested: “Talk to your wife and ask her opinion. She loves you and she is very smart”.

Two weeks passed. Then my daughter-in-law told me that my son arranged to work three days…

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