One bright sunny morning I saw far away three fishermen who enjoyed themselves in a very dangerous place: on the edge of the pond in the middle of the 18th tee of the Pocono Manor golf course.

Fortunately, some golf balls were flying in my direction and they were safe at that moment.

I photographed the fishermen and went away thinking about love between generations and wonders of new discoveries.

I don’t know if there are fishes in the pond but I am sure that there are hundreds of golf balls in it.




The Daily Post photo challenge: Trio


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Sharing happiness


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Three pictures of my friends

This blog again has almost 800 posts.

I am going to edit it again by removing less interesting posts, combining some posts and reviewing my pages.

During some time in the past I posted each day photos of my friends from the Google Photo Community.

Today I show you the first three pictures posted in January 2014. .


FISHING by Ho Yau Ming Charles shared by Nicholas Green

FISHING by Ho Yau Ming Charles,  shared by Nicholas Green


A DATE THAT WENT TERRIBLY WRONG by Dmitro Konstantinov, shared by Dreamstime

by Dmitro Konstantinov











CASTLE ON  A ROCK  by Karima Bakhanou shared by Florian Bordet

CASTLE ON A ROCK by Karima Bakhanou,
shared by Florian Bordet