Dreaming about Hollywood

It’s very good today to be in a warm apartment and to dream about Hollywood (Florida).

Everything is bright in the future!

Just look at the picture below.


Would you like one of the houses on it with a pool and palms?

Do you like speed?

Use any of the boats..

Please also remember that a beach is waiting for you.

Now close your eyes and dream.

You can add whatever else you want to the dream.

It’s all yours, nobody can take it from you!


How bad are America and capitalism?

I came to America in 1975 and became an American in 1980.

Half of my life I lived in the Soviet Union, another half – in America.

I worked in the Soviet Union as a manager and a scientist and I worked in the USA as a cutter, a clerk, an accountant, a broker, a programmer, a system analyst. I graduated from colleges in both countries (the Moscow Textile Academy and Queens College in NYC).

For forty years I hear and read that capitalism is bad and that America is a bad country. I saw all kinds of protesters. I heard a lot of journalists, professors and elected officials who believe that socialism and communism are better. .

Certainly, everybody has right to her/his opinion.

However, as I lived many years In the USSR and the USA it is easy for me to compare what is better.

Let’s look today at facts and make conclusions. Then we can continue to discuss the question in the title of this post.

Several years I am renting during winter an apartment in a condominium in Hollywood, Florida. My landlord is from Cuba. He is a large trucks driver.

He bought this apartment 7 years ago as an investment. He lives with his wife in their own very nice house near Miami.

The photo below shows a deck of the condominium and a beach below. I meet daily people on the deck who own apartments here and have apartments or houses in Chicago, New York and other places. All of these people are working or worked before retirement. They are (or were) teachers, programmers, doctors, nurses, engineers, professors, government employees, etc. Some of them have or had their own businesses.



You can see in the photo a building that is under construction.

Picture #2 gives you a better view of it. The building will be finished soon.

All apartments in it have the same design and the average cost of an apartment is

$1,000,000. The interesting fact is that all apartments are already sold out.



Now, there are hundreds of condominiums in Hollywood and thousands of houses that cost more than 1 million dollars. All of them have owners.

There are many cities all over America like Hollywood or even richer (like Naples in Florida).

How bad is America and how bad is capitalism if people who are working hard and have education can have wonderful apartments or houses, can travel, are free to choose their way and enjoy life?

I am proud that I am American!

One family’s kingdom

There are many hundreds of two-stories sections in the area where we live.

The photo below shows the one that is about 100 metres from our apartment house.

I love this one family’s beautiful kingdom. I am sorry that I am unable to show you a tiny stream with waterfalls among greenery as it’s not running at the moment.

We build families, kingdoms, beauty, happiness.

Surely, our lives have sense!


ONE FAMILY’S KINGDOM                                                                            by JF

Why do I love Pocono Manor?

You already saw many photos of Pocono Manor’s houses, views and animals here.

Is it possible to love a place so much to return to it for many years?

Believe me it is.

It is possible if you can walk to the Pocono Manor Inn every morning and see a view like this one:


A MORNING VIEW                                                                                                             by JF

It is possible if you can enter the Pocono Manor Inn and take the photo below (it is my hat on the chair).


INSIDE THE INN                                                                                                         by JF

It is possible if you enjoy two paintings below:


PAINTING IN THE INN                                                                                                 by JF



PAINTING IN THE INN                                                                                             by JF

It is possible if you can go in the library (usually there is nobody there) and find many precious books of long forgotten wonderful authors.

Add to all these reasons sweet memories of wonderful times here with family and friends.

I am sure that you understand that my love to this place grows with each year.