World and abstract paintings.

“The more frightening the world becomes … the more art becomes abstract.”

Wassily Kandinsky.

World becomes more and more frightening daily.

Commercial airliners disappear without any trace or shut down.

There are wars between countries, civil wars, wars between religious and ethnic groups,

gang wars.

Millions of people have to leave their homes and their countries to save their lives.

Major countries are under attack by terrorists, criminals and people from poor countries.

There are fifth columns and too many ignorant people in every country.

There are too many incompetent leaders.

World needs peace!

I remember how bombs were falling on my wonderful city Odessa during the Great Patriotic War. I also remember that during evacuation our Red Cross’ train with children, women, sick and wounded was bombed and then many people who left cars were killed or wounded by bullets from planes’ guns.

We can see that UN is corrupt, ineffective and often helps aggressors directly or indirectly. Do we need UN? Should we spend millions for staying in it?

Do we need to give money to countries that are not our friends when there are many poor people in our country?

The world becomes more and more frightening and I feel a need to paint abstract paintings.

Below is my painting #15 (painted 7/5/2014).