Night in ???

I got an album from my older granddaughter Renee.

There are many interesting photos in it.

However, full moon always impresses me and I decided to share the photo with you.

Hope you’ll like it.

NIGHT  by Renee B.

NIGHT by Renee B.

Can you tell me where is this beautiful night? I doubt it.

But I hope that if you look on the picture below somebody will come up with an answer.

PHOTO by Renee B.

PHOTO by Renee B.



Our beautiful world!

I recently got my first digital camera. After many years with great pleasure I started to take photos again. Below is my first digital picture.




Rainy day. Park Debreuil, Melun.

Jour de Pluie Parc Debreuil, Melun by Julien Meneret

Jour de Pluie Parc Debreuil,   Melun                            by Julien Meneret

early morning fog

I introduced to my followers photos of Alois Absenger several times before. Last time it was full of light nightly landscape with a full Moon (see Today’s photo is different and full of magic. Thank you, Alois!

Alois Absenger

_79K1875  Absenger

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