“Darling, we must go for a walk. Today is Monday and RESTLESS JO expecting our post*.

“Yes, my love. You know, THE WORLD IS A BOOK and we need to read at least one page daily. Than we might be invited to make an entry in the TRAVEL TALES OF LIFE.”

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“My dear husband! Please let me check first! This old man from the “PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” is very close. I don’t think that he is dangerous but people of his age are unpredictable.”

“How I love you, my dear wife! You always protect me and lead in the right direction. And your back and tail are so beautiful! I enjoy looking at them all time between meals!”


A joke?!

In several posts on this blog I stated that I am against feminism but…I am for matriarchy!

I love several billions of wonderful smart energetic beautiful women and I am very proud that at least half of my followers are women.

I feel that it is my duty to publish again and again a story below.


I got an email from Chicago with Russian jokes in it.

During our morning’s walk I told my wife one of them and she liked it.

Then I asked Google Translate to help me and edited the translation.

Here is what we got:

“Adam and Eve frolicking in the garden. God descends to them and says: “My children, I have two gifts for you. You’ll have to decide which one to whom. The first gift is peeing standing up “…

Adam begs to let him have the first gift. He says that it is his lifelong dream. Eve yields to him. And Adam runs through the garden, rejoicing, jumping, screaming, and peeing on trees, flowers, insects and simply on the ground.

Then Eve asks: “Lord, what is your second gift?”

God answers: “Brains, Eve. Brains.”

Okay, I've done that stupid trick of sticking my paw up in the air. Now where's that tasty treat you promised me?




I had a terrible allergy and she was sitting at my bed.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks when she sweetly asked: “Why don’t we marry?”

I loudly sneezed five times in a row.

“Darling, you made a very wise decision!”

In June we celebrated 57 years of matriarchy.

RED ROSE by Amit just Amit

by Amit just Amit