Happy New Year!

The header and the picture below show the Atlantic Ocean. Its might and beauty exists

for hundreds of millions years.





Happy New Year!

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New Year’s resolutions?

I have to confess that I have never made New Year’s resolutions.

For many years it was simply necessary to survive.

When problems or needs arose I tried to do my best to solve problems or satisfy needs. There was no time for procrastination, for doubting what was possible.

It’s impossible always to be a winner, but doing your best actually makes you a winner. And it is always possible to adjust needs and to see if your problems are real.

2015 is coming.

What am I going to do?

To enjoy life, love, friendship, creativity, beauty!

The Sun will be rising again tomorrow, the Earth will be beautiful, all oceans will be in their usual places.

We live in the wonderful world!


OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD!                                                                        by JF




Happy New Year!



What do I need to remember?

I need to remember to pursue happiness!

I need to remember to be active and creative!

I need to remember to love, to value, to enjoy!

When I start a sentence I need to remember to finish it.

By the way, this is why all sentences here are short.

Luckily, I do remember that a New Year is coming soon!

I hope that it will be a good year, that it will bring health, peace and happiness.

I do remember to thank God for every minute of my life!



FAMILY                                         by JF

You are born for happiness and love!

Live has many ups and downs. Even in the depth of depression I remembered the words of a Russian short story writer, journalist, human rights activist and humanitarian Vladimir Korolenko:

“Man is born for happiness as a bird is born to fly”.

These words helped me to overcome all problems in my lives in the Soviet Union and in US. But happiness is not possible without love. You must love yourself and it gives you immense capacity to love others.

New Year is coming. I wish that your life was a happy flight full of love!

IN FLIGHT by Jean-Louis Teisseire

IN FLIGHT                                    by Jean-Louis Teisseire

SWANS by Neil HOward

SWANS             by Neil Howard.                      White swans are a symbol of love.