I wonder if…

Several minutes ago Cee let me know that she featured my post YOUNG, MATURE, PROTECTOR in her post HERE. The protector and I are very happy!


I wonder if I should tell you a true story of healing by hands.

While I was considering all pros and cons I decided to make some digital paintings.

Below are three new paintings.

Do you like any of them?

If yes what is your favorite?

By the way, would you like to read a story about healing by hands?










Six words story (1/17/2015)


I gave correct answers to 11 questions (from 12). My wrong answer was about % of people below poverty level. (my answer was higher than right answer)

Surely, all of you want to test your news IQ too.

Please take a deep breath and click “THE NEWS IQ TEST”.

If you want share your results with us.


Sharing news and thoughts

1. Creativity and learning make people happy.

2. During my morning walk I saw in the distance three princesses, zoomed  and shot them (not with a gun). See the photo below.


PRINCESSES                                                            by JF

3. I added several posts to the page “Travel”.

Among them are reblogs of posts of very talented bloggers Antonio Violi (SIRACUSA, ORTIGIA) and Victor Tribunsky (PETRA IN JORDAN).

Both posts have wonderful photos and stories.

I will add more posts to this page this week.

4. So far I made all my digital paintings using a paint program on my PC. But a couple of days ago I found that there are many other free programs for painting and photo editing. Today I am starting to learn one of them. Be ready for new paintings (it’s not a threat!).

5. I am going to add more paintings to the page “My paintings and tests”. Hopefully, all of you will test YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF PAINTING AND PAINTINGS.