Pillars of the Dream: Work

I found this terrific post on the very good blog Farming The Dream and immediately decided to share it with you.
Atheists believe that work made people from apes.
What can happen if there is not enough work?

Farming The Dream

I have found that Super Bowel commercials are really the only ones worth watching. At the price they pay per minute, I’d hope so.

Though this commercial is probably not very popular in other countries, it does have a good message that comes clear in one sentence: “It’s pretty simple, you work hard, create your own luck, and you got to believe that anything is possible.” That sentence sums up the idea of work in The American Dream.

Andrew Carnegie Andrew Carnegie – Source – http://greatimmigrants.carnegie.org

Work uses Opportunities within Freedom to build our lives. By its strength, we can forge different destinies for us and our families. The immigrant can become a steel magnate, like Andrew Carnegie; a boy splitting rails for the railway can become president, like Abraham Lincoln.

work Source – flickr.com

I have often turned to Gaining Favor With God and Man by William M. Thayer when looking at…

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Life is a flower

Life is a flower.

It opens its petals to everybody.

Each of us has opportunities to enjoy its beauty.

We need to see it, to smell, to appreciate, be grateful and to add to it.

photo by JF

photo by JF