My dream



Somebody was watching me

I was walking from the Pocono Manor Inn to the Carriage House.

The road was empty but all of a sudden I got a feeling that somebody was watching me.

I stopped, took my tiny camera from a pocket, prepared to take a shot and slowly started to turn.

Then I saw him. He stayed quietly until I made a photo. Then both of us went to our destinations. I was delighted. Hopefully, he liked our meeting too.

020-640x480-copyTHE ROAD TAKEN

The best match



The Pocono Manor Inn

Today’s weekly challenge is AMBIENCE.

Every time I enter the Pocono Manor Inn I feel its special atmosphere.

Below is a photo I selected for the challenge.


Three problems.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: White Flowers

1. I am color-blind.

2. I missed many Cee’s challenges.

3. I don’t know names of majority of flowers.

However, I decided to take part in the old CFFC as I hope that I

do know what white is. I also hope that I am right that there is a lot of

light and dark green on the photo below.

By the way, how these white flowers are called?




Wordless Wednesday



Invitation or rejection?





One bright sunny morning I saw far away three fishermen who enjoyed themselves in a very dangerous place: on the edge of the pond in the middle of the 18th tee of the Pocono Manor golf course.

Fortunately, some golf balls were flying in my direction and they were safe at that moment.

I photographed the fishermen and went away thinking about love between generations and wonders of new discoveries.

I don’t know if there are fishes in the pond but I am sure that there are hundreds of golf balls in it.




Photo Challenge: Quest

For many decades I photographed interesting places, scenes, people, etc.

Photography for me is a very important hobby, an essential part of my life.

Very often I meet somebody or something and make a shot. During processing I try  to understand better what attracted me and to express meaning of the shot..

Below is a picture of a stranger I met in the morning this summer in Pocono Manor.

What a model!

What a proud beautiful profile!

This stranger loves walking and knows that walking is very good for health.

I hope you know it too.



Joyful moment


IMG_1785 (480x640)

The Daily Post photo challenge: Gathering

The Carriage House at Pocono Manor.

The Carriage House at Pocono Manor.













CFFC: Buildings and trees

Below are three photos of houses in Pocono Manor. The first two are on the opposite sites of the Manor Drive (it is very narrow there). The third photo is a view from the golf course.

IMG_0064 (640x480)
IMG_0066 (640x480)
IMG_0077 (640x480)



Care and beauty

Below are two photos taken at the Carriage House (Pocono Manor, PA).

Care creates and saves beauty..

*IMG_1845 (640x480)

*IMG_1847 (640x480)



After many close doors and rejections in my life the simple word welcome has extraordinary meaning for me.

In the photo below (taken at the entrance to the Carriage House at Pocono Manor) I see love and kindness, beauty and history of this wonderful place.

IMG_1787 (640x480)


The happy place at the Carriage House

IMG_1791 (640x480)


Foggy morning at Pocono Manor


IMG_1801 (640x480)

Pocono Manor and my photos

In 1977 my wife and I visited Pocono Manor first time. We liked it so much that then we stayed there (in the Carriage House) when we could.
After my retirement we went there every summer and enjoyed peace and beauty of this small town.
In the old post below I gave you information about past and future of Pocono Manor.

As far as I know Kalahari Resorts already bought the historic Inn at Pocono Manor and will finish soon construction of the largest in the world indoor water park and other facilities.
Will the place be better or worse?
We’ll know the answer this summer.

In the meantime I want to show you my photos taken last summer.
I placed them in a page “POCONO MANOR GALLERY”. Please click on the first photo and you’ll be able to see all pictures in proper sizes and colors.


What is Pocono Manor?

Wikipedia says: “Pocono Manor is an unincorporated community in Monroe CountyPennsylvaniaUnited States, located at approximately latitude 41.1 and longitude -75.359, at an elevation of 1,706 feet, on Pennsylvania State Highway 314 east of Pocono Summit and west of Swiftwater.[1] It is the location of a resort and golf course called The Inn at Pocono Manor, with a Donald Ross-designed golf course,[2] site of the Pocono Northeast Classic; and of the Pocono Manor Historic District.”

We are now in Pocono Manor and it is clear that the definition above is not very good.

First of all, there is the Carriage House in Pocono Manor. It is an independent time-sharing property.

Secondly, there are many private houses (the Cottage Colony).

Thirdly, until last year there were two 18-holes golf courses. Currently one course is intact…

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Children love wonders

It happened 20 years ago. In summer we stayed at the Carriage House (a time-sharing property) in Pocono Manor and each day walked along the Pocono Manor Drive to the historic Pocono Manor Inn and back. Beautiful parts of a golf course were on both sides of the drive and we enjoyed fresh air, wonderful views and fast walks.


VIEW FROM THE POCONO MANOR DRIVE                                    by JF

My wife was upset that our oldest granddaughter (she was 6 years old at that time) did not want to go for a walk with us. She preferred to stay inside the building and play in the arcade.

“You must do something!”, said my wife.

I thought very hard and then I said at lunch: “You know, this morning I made an interesting discovery. I could not believe it myself but I can smell a golf ball at distance 15-20 metres”.

“Grandpa, you can’t!”, stated our granddaughter. “Even best dogs can’t smell golf balls at such distance! I don’t think that people can smell golf balls at all!”

“Ok, dear! Let’s go tomorrow morning for a walk and see if I am wrong.”

The rest of the day I was gathering golf balls that were lost by players and placing them along the Pocono Manor Drive. Some of them I hid among stumps and in small holes, others I covered by leaves. It was not easy to find them and it was not easy to remember where balls were hidden. However, 20 years ago my memory was better than today.

Next morning our granddaughter suggested to go for a walk and to check if I really could smell where golf balls were.

In several minutes she became very excited.  Every time I told that I smelled a golf ball nearby she found one or two (sometimes with my help). The walk to the inn was a great pleasure. On the way back I heard that I was the only Grandpa in the world who could smell golf balls.

Later our other grandchildren were very happy that they had such unique Grandpa.

“You know, he can smell golf balls better than best trained dogs!”


Golden? Yellow?

I am color blind.
When I saw that there were photo challenges “Yellow” and “Golden” my first reaction was: “Is not this the same?”.
I went to Google and asked for definition of “Yellow“.
The answer was that it is “the color between green and orange in the spectrum, a primary subtractive color complementary to blue; colored like ripe lemons or egg yolks.
Synonyms: flaxen, golden, gold, blond/blonde.”
After this answer I decided to take part in both challenges. The next step was to choose proper photos.
After long consideration I chose four photos below. Please let me know which of them you like more.
#1                            by JF

#1     MORNING IN QUEENS, NYC                                                                by JF


#3                       by JF

#2    MORNING IN HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA                               by JF













#3    ON HOLLYWOOD’S BROADWALK                                                  by JF



#4     FLOWER IN POCONO MANOR                                                              by JF







I got my first digital camera in June when I was in Pocono Manor in Pennsylvania. Then we returned to Queens and walked only in Queens and Manhattan.

The header of this post shows a wonderful example of the landscape architecture. Another example is below. I edited both pictures today to give more color and life.


LANDSCAPE                                                                                                      by JF

I also want to show you a black and white photo shot in the Flushing Meadow Park in Queens. Hope that you’ll like combination of nature with buildings of the great city.


MEADOW LAKE IN QUEENS                                                                        by JF