White stranger

I met him in the morning and asked: “Which way?”

No answer.

I took my Canon and shot him on the spot.

No reaction.

“Why are you alone?”


I did not ask anything else.

What for?

It was clear that he’ll plead the Fifth Amendment.

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Alcohol, marriage, sport

I accept no responsibility for thoughts below!

A person who sent them to me is not their author and told his wife that he disagrees with them.

I am sorry if my translation from Russian made them incomprehensible or unacceptable to you.

Please skip them for purity of your mind and convictions.

 Alcohol does not help to answer questions. !t allows to forget them.

Marriage is like a soup. First two spoonfuls are very hot, last two are very cold. Moral: eat it fast and run for the second dish.

Chess is the most dangerous sport! You can fall asleep and hit your eye with a Queen!



Ask “Do I Want to Be Married?” Every. Single. Day.

Two weeks ago I read a post by Adriana Eissa: “Ask “Do I Want to Be Married?”. Every. Single. Day.”

I liked the post and suggested Adriana to enter it in my challenge “OUR WAYS“. She kindly did it.

Please read her post. In the nearest future I am going to ask you to vote on all entries in the challenge.

Adriana Ospina

Sunset Girl. Photographer Unknown. Sunset Girl. Photographer Unknown.

Crazy talk, right? No. It’s actually sound advice.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the life long commitment of a beautiful, healthy, transformative marriage but it’s never a death sentence, never was supposed to be an obligation you no longer enjoyed or questioned.

When you wake up in the morning ask yourself…

“Do I want to be married?”

“Do I want the job I have?”

“Do I like the life I live?”

“Do I want to be here, this stage of my life?”


If the answer is yes (and I hope it’s a yes) then you’ve recommitted yourself to something wonderful. Reinvest in that something wonderful with a fresh heart and open yourself to a new perspective.

You made the choice to continue, so do so with enthusiasm. Your resolve will be stronger for it. Appreciate that…

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I was looking for something interesting this morning and I found a test below.

Surely, I took it and answered all questions. Results are fantastic!

Please, try it and tell us what you got.




The Vermont’s apartments

After 80 years of living in different countries with different political and economic systems, cultures, moral values, attitude to value of each person I always ask one simple question: “Why?”.

Below is a photo of a backyard of the Vermont’s apartments. This apartment house is only two blocks from our apartment house. There are many similar houses in the area but only this one has such wonderful backyard where its residents (especially kids and senior citizens) relax and play.

Why only this one?

What do you think?


VERMONT’S APARTMENTS                                                                     by JF

It’s not my fault and I need your help.

My friend sent me a quiz and I answered 12 scientific questions correctly (plus my gender and age).

Now I am curious how you will do this quiz.

It’s not my fault!



You know that there are many photo challenges running on the Word Press now.

Two weeks ago my wife brought to our suit two quests. They were resting on the sofa and I photographed them.

Now I don’t know in what photo challenge to enter this photo.

Should it be “Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge” or “Frayed” or “Dialogue” or “A Beautiful Girl”?

Please let me know your extremely valuable opinion!

Thank you!

Photo by JF

Photo by JF