On the edge of chaos


Millions of people believe that life came from the ocean.

Millions of turtles believe that life came from the sand.

Both oceans and sand are chaotic (even often they look orderly).

Anyway, if you don’t believe in God it means that you are sure that people

are fruits of chaos.


WPC: Shine


I saw all of a sudden that there were sparkles on the surface of the ocean. I felt peace and excitement at the same time.

Fortunately, my tiny Canon was with me.

Nature is terrific and life is wonderful (despite some problems we all have)!


Long-term nostalgia


I am 82. My childhood was very short due to the war.

That’s why it is long-term nostalgia.

IMG_1657 (480x640)

Love and optimism


Love to children always helped me to stay optimistic.

Add to it a memory of a warm sunny beach and I feel very good despite cold and nasty wind at the moment.

024 (480x640)


The Daily Post photo challenge: Trio


IMG_1409 (480x640)



I noticed it on the empty beach.

IMG_1657 (480x640)

Two moments

When I noticed this guy he was at a long distance from me. I was able to shoot only two photos below.

Do these pictures tell you anything?

How would you describe (title) them?


One with nature?

Please let me know.

Thank you!














Sharing happiness


IMG_1409 (480x640)

It’s beautiful! What is it?

First week of February I was shooting photos for Cee’s Black & White Photo Callenge: Textures. At that time I found so many wonderful textures around that I can post 3 pictures daily for a long time.

One day I went to the beach and made a photo below.

IMG_1230 (640x480)

I liked it very much as there were different textures in it: sand, grass, leaves.

Then I turned around and suddenly saw another wonderful opportunity.

Without hesitation I made another picture that showed wood, metal and large leaves.

IMG_1232 (480x640)

Then I put my tiny Canon in my pocket and was about to go home to have my breakfast.

Something stopped me. What was it?

At the last second I noticed letters on both knobs.

I bent down and read on the upper knob “PUSH”.

It became interesting! I pushed and got very cold shower!

When my wife saw me she asked: “Why are you wet?There was no rain.”

After I explained what happened she said: “You made my day!”

Can you believe it?!


Rule of thirds?


Can’t even walk without them!

IMG_1287 (640x480)




IMG_1112 (640x480)

Choose your way

































Very far and very close

I was doing my daily exercise on the deck when I noticed them.

Big guys were walking slowly but she was running behind them.

When I was ready to make a shot they were far away from me.

However, the scene was very close to my heart.

Hope you’ll like it.


MORNING WALK                                     by JF

In Hollywood before sunrise.

#1            by JF