I wonder if…

Several minutes ago Cee let me know that she featured my post YOUNG, MATURE, PROTECTOR in her post HERE. The protector and I are very happy!


I wonder if I should tell you a true story of healing by hands.

While I was considering all pros and cons I decided to make some digital paintings.

Below are three new paintings.

Do you like any of them?

If yes what is your favorite?

By the way, would you like to read a story about healing by hands?










Is Poseidon around?

When i was 70 years younger I enjoyed reading Greek mythology. At that time my memory was very good and I remembered everything about Olympians.

POSEIDON WITH TRIDENT   courtesy of Wikipedia

POSEIDON WITH TRIDENT courtesy of Wikipedia

I knew that Poseidon was very powerful and “…when offended or ignored, he …struck the ground with his trident and caused chaotic springs, earthquakes, drownings”. (from Wikipedia).

I always tried to be a good boy but still there were many “chaotic springs and earthquakes” in my live. Despite that I am a good swimmer I almost drown twice.

So when I see a trident I immediately ask myself: “Is Poseidon around?”

You know, it is always good to prepare!

Today I looked at my photos trying to find at least one to enter in


I found one photo (see below), looked at it and thought:

“Is it an odd-ball picture? Is Poseidon around?”

What do you think?


IS POSEIDON AROUND?                                 by JF