“You don’t love me…”

Below is a poem of Sergei Yesenin written on December 4, 1925.

I read it many times when I was in school and college. There were several popular songs with this lyrics.

Only years later I understood the depth of this poem, the depth of his sufferings.

Sergei Yesenin died on December 28, 1925.


You don’t love me and don’t feel compassion.

Don’t you think that now I look my best?

Though you look aside you’re thrilled with passion

As you put your arms upon my chest.


You are young, so sensitive and zealous,

I am neither bad nor very good to you.

Tell me, did you pet a lot of gentle fellows?

You remember many arms and lips. You do.


They are gone and haven’t touched you any,

Gone like shadows, leaving you aflame.

You have sat upon the laps of many,

You are sitting now on mine, without shame.


Though your eyes are closed, and you are rather

Thinking of some one you really trust,

After all, I do not love you either,

I am lost in thought about my dear past.


Don’t you call this zeal predestination?

Hasty tie is thoughtless and no good, –

Like I set up this unplanned connection,

I will smile when leaving you for good.


You will go the pathway of your own

Just to have your days unwisely spent,

Don’t approach the ones not fully grown,

Don’t entice the ones that never burnt.


When you walk with someone down the alley

Chatting merrily about love and all

Maybe, I’ll be out, walking round shyly,

And again, by chance, I’ll meet you, poor soul.


Squaring shoulders, ravishing and winning,

Bending forward, with an air kiss,

You will utter quietly: Good evening!

And I will reply: Good evening, miss.


Nothing will disturb my heart and spirit,

Nothing will perturb me giving pain,-

He who’s been in love will not retrieve it,

He who’s burnt will not be lit again.


December 4th, 1925

Appreciate life, appreciate beauty!

New Year started 23 minutes ago. I decided to share with you one old post now. Hope that you will understand why.


For some of you December already started, for me November is winding down.

Anyway, this is the time of the year that is very good for meditation and appreciation.

Appreciation is the most important step to happiness.

Unfortunately, many people don’t appreciate life and their positions in it.

Very often it caused by the fact that their expectations were not realistic. Often it is because they never compared what they had with what other people had.

I also believe that only people who had great difficulties in life and suffered a lot can appreciate how wonderful life is.

Below are two beautiful photos. The first one reminds me that life might be calm at the moment and then a storm can come and change everything. The conclusion is simple: enjoy every minute and be ready for difficulties.

The second one just captures beauty. I also remember how wonderful it is in the…

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