A painting of my friend V.Ryklin.

In the post MY FRIEND ARTIST VLADIMIR RYKLIN I described how we met and became friends and I showed you a link to some his paintings.

Below is a photo of Vladimir’s painting in our dining room.

We discussed with him many times what happens with people who moved from one kind of society to another (from a totalitarian country to a democratic country, from poor country to rich country, from country where religion persecuted to a country where majority of population is religious, from a country with one religion to a country with many religions).

We also discussed how soon and how willingly people who settle in a new country will learn its language, will accept its laws, will love this country.

The painting below is a result of these discussions. The photo of the painting is not very clear so I want to tell you its idea: people from other countries should WILLINGLY go through a meat grinder (hard years of learning language, laws, working, FULLY adjusting to new culture) to become ROSES (people who love their new country).

photo (9)