Somebody was watching me

I was walking from the Pocono Manor Inn to the Carriage House.

The road was empty but all of a sudden I got a feeling that somebody was watching me.

I stopped, took my tiny camera from a pocket, prepared to take a shot and slowly started to turn.

Then I saw him. He stayed quietly until I made a photo. Then both of us went to our destinations. I was delighted. Hopefully, he liked our meeting too.

020-640x480-copyTHE ROAD TAKEN

Winter in Hollywood (Florida)


Photo Challenge: Quest

For many decades I photographed interesting places, scenes, people, etc.

Photography for me is a very important hobby, an essential part of my life.

Very often I meet somebody or something and make a shot. During processing I try  to understand better what attracted me and to express meaning of the shot..

Below is a picture of a stranger I met in the morning this summer in Pocono Manor.

What a model!

What a proud beautiful profile!

This stranger loves walking and knows that walking is very good for health.

I hope you know it too.




IMG_1418 (480x640)

WPC photo challenge: Treat

I love to walk in the water along a beach during sunsets.

IMG_1545 (640x480)


Two moments

When I noticed this guy he was at a long distance from me. I was able to shoot only two photos below.

Do these pictures tell you anything?

How would you describe (title) them?


One with nature?

Please let me know.

Thank you!














My first brush painting

You like it, don’t you?

What is this animal?

He has wonderful dreams, he is walking to stars!

I hope to learn to paint too.



About this morning.

After a vigorous workout in a gym I needed relaxation. I found this old post and happy to share it with you.

However, something strange happened to the reblog. Please immediately go to the original.


Collecting moments


CHURCH’S PARKING LOT                                                                              by JF



TO WORK                                                                             by JF














ON THE BEACH                                                                                                 by JF



SUNRISE                                                                                                       by JF

A painting.

I decided to reblog this post for the benefit of all followers and guests who are looking for the nicest and easiest way to lose weight. Warning: it’s a personal research!


My 90 years old friend Mark asked me to help him to choose a painting he wanted to send as a gift to his son-in-law’s 70th birthday.

We went to an arts gallery and I recommended to buy a nice, colourful abstract painting by a local artist. Mark bought the painting and sent it to his daughter Maria who lived in Las Vegas.

When Maria received the painting she called Mark and told him that she liked it very much. She put the painting in the dining room and the room became brighter and more pleasant. She added that her husband Sergey did not know yet that the painting was a gift from Mark. She was going to tell him about it on his birthday.

 In two days Sergey called Mark and thanked him for the gift.

A week passed and Maria called Mark. She was very upset. She told Mark…

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This morning in a post I stated that people with children are very, very rich. Later I found my old post that proves that people with grandchildren are also very, very rich. I decided to reblog it for you.


I am in a hotel with my grandson.

He does not speak yet but I am sure that he understands everything.

He does not walk yet but I am sure that he’ll start walking any moment.

Imagine that he crawls to a chair and slowly stands up grabbing it with both hands.

Then he hesitates. He wants to go from the chair but he fears to fall.

At that moment I tell him: “Leave the chair and go to me! I’ll catch you!”.

My grandson looks at me, smiles, makes two small steps and falls in my hands.

We are both very happy! Then I say: “Go back to the chair and grab it!”.

He does not hesitate and makes two steps to the chair. I tell him: “Excellent, you already can walk. I love you! Now go to the mirror!”

He looks at me, then he looks at the…

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The last step.

Long time ago I saw a painting. It was just a declining brown line on the white canvas.The author of the painting explained to me that it was a woman with a dog. Both the woman and the dog were outside the painting.

I am not an artist. I’ve never played golf. But I enjoyed walking two courses in the early mornings and in the evenings and seeing how people played golf for many years.

Here, in Pocono Manor, the last step of the golf course is very difficult for many players. It has a pond in the middle of it. Each season many golf balls find their peace in the pond.

I find my peace just looking at the pond at any weather. It’s always beautiful, but it was magical one day when there was fog in the area. Unfortunately, I did not have camera at that time.

However, I have camera now and I want to share with you my photo of the pond. I took the photo from the Manor Drive. Golfers are shooting from the left (outside of the photo) and the last hole of the course is on the right (you can easily imagine it).


POND IN POCONO MANOR                                                                                 by JF