Yesterday was a perfect sunny day in Hollywood, Florida.

Local weather experts promised another gorgeous day today.

However, soon after I published a post “RAIN” weather changed and heavy rain started.

So instead of going to the broadwalk and enjoying a brisk walk along the Atlantic ocean I went to our gym and spent vigorous 40 minutes on a treadmill.

It’s very good that our broadwalk stays with us at any weather day and night.

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Children love wonders

It happened 20 years ago. In summer we stayed at the Carriage House (a time-sharing property) in Pocono Manor and each day walked along the Pocono Manor Drive to the historic Pocono Manor Inn and back. Beautiful parts of a golf course were on both sides of the drive and we enjoyed fresh air, wonderful views and fast walks.


VIEW FROM THE POCONO MANOR DRIVE                                    by JF

My wife was upset that our oldest granddaughter (she was 6 years old at that time) did not want to go for a walk with us. She preferred to stay inside the building and play in the arcade.

“You must do something!”, said my wife.

I thought very hard and then I said at lunch: “You know, this morning I made an interesting discovery. I could not believe it myself but I can smell a golf ball at distance 15-20 metres”.

“Grandpa, you can’t!”, stated our granddaughter. “Even best dogs can’t smell golf balls at such distance! I don’t think that people can smell golf balls at all!”

“Ok, dear! Let’s go tomorrow morning for a walk and see if I am wrong.”

The rest of the day I was gathering golf balls that were lost by players and placing them along the Pocono Manor Drive. Some of them I hid among stumps and in small holes, others I covered by leaves. It was not easy to find them and it was not easy to remember where balls were hidden. However, 20 years ago my memory was better than today.

Next morning our granddaughter suggested to go for a walk and to check if I really could smell where golf balls were.

In several minutes she became very excited.  Every time I told that I smelled a golf ball nearby she found one or two (sometimes with my help). The walk to the inn was a great pleasure. On the way back I heard that I was the only Grandpa in the world who could smell golf balls.

Later our other grandchildren were very happy that they had such unique Grandpa.

“You know, he can smell golf balls better than best trained dogs!”


What I see every day?


In Hollywood every day I see a wonderful tall ship below. It inspires me to walk in the darkness to the stage on the Hollywood’s broadwalk and on the way back to enjoy beautiful sunrises.

In the evenings it inspires us to go to the broadwalk again to dance, to see people enjoying live, to see a guy who sells treasures to kids and adults.

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SON AND MOTHER                                                           by JF












GROUP ON THE PLAYGROUND                                                                   by JF


Short walk

It was raining very hard and I opened a window to enjoy sights and smells.

A man and a dog went out from our building and turned left.

I thought: “Why were they going for a walk in such weather?”

I grabbed my camera and was ready to make a shot when they pass a huge bush on their way left.

However, suddenly they appeared before me.

Both were smiling!


SHORT WALK                                                  by JF